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Are you waiting for signs of rust before you start fighting , in your car ? Ah , it is better to take precautions to protect your car in advance , from the loss of corrosion . Pre- use automatic protective paint rust can provide a suitable system for your car . Rust Bullet is the most suitable for this purpose. It is a single component high solids coatings , has a unique formulation provides a new way to protect metal .

Rust Bullet unique technology enables it to penetrate the metal surface and directly interacting with rust . The bullet as rust rusty dewatering rust, making it a compact solid again , the aluminum reacts with the resin to form a new top surface of the armor as old tuff surface. Rust Bullet everything airtight seal coat jacket 2 and the third will ensure extra longevity.

Rust Bullet is created by the completion of the final result is comparable to powder coating, it is one of the most expensive method rust ; powder coating as a free-flowing dry powder is applied and the non- removable oven baking. Rust Bullet can achieve similar results as powder coating, but a substantial price reduction . Rust Bullet can be applied to the site , large or small objects . The object has not been dismantled and transported to the backing furnace site. Rust Bullet is like orange peel and powder coating chipping and free forms and other issues. Compared to the lowest surface of the powder coating process needs Rust Bullet .

Rust Bullet can easily on the surface of the car to be applied. Rust Bullet design applied directly to rust surfaces , which makes dehydration rust unique chemical action to take place and kill the corrosion process . This unique formula and reaction resin and metal rust formed as a shield to kill off the etchant. The product can be readily sprayed , or applied with a brush or roller . With the minimum requirements for surface treatment of Rust Bullet can be easily applied to the surface of the car , get a permanent form of prevention of rust.



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