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If you are harboring some thoughts on painting the external walls of your house, then you’d need to get a few tips on how to draw some insights beyond. Also, you have to learn, because these methods can greatly help in doing the right paint job is the most suitable, you have several exterior walls of your house painting techniques in the kind of material.

In this line, so you need to check the type of building materials on the appearance of your house. Some aspects may need to be painted by the various types of materials, such as wood, concrete, brick, wrought iron, steel, to name a few. Need to know the type of paint work surface area can significantly help you choose a paint that you want to use. In addition, you also need to check which parts of your house needs painting. Depending on your choices and preferences that some part of the building should have different shades to create some accent landscaping purposes. Only one paint painting the entire outside area will make it look dull, unattractive. There are some best color combinations more impressive appearance.

Once you are done with the first two steps, your next move is to develop your color scheme. Select the appropriate color according to your preferred theme home. If your house is designed with a Tuscan style or English theme, then white is perfect in this case. For country homes, choose green color, such as green, gentle brown tone. Painting wood finishes are not much of a problem. The paint used in this case wood. However, if you are doing work on repainting exterior walls of your home, then the whole process of how it is, because you need to scrape off the old paint faded to be more stringent. In this case, you can use sandpaper stripping old paint.

Wrought iron metal and old material, they are more stringent than wood, because they have a more complex design. Because you have to scrape them repainted rusted part is strenuous. However, there are tools available that will make it easier for you to get those rusty. You can use a wire brush or wire brush roll in this case. This process is necessary, you must do so before the first coat of new paint. For the surface area of ​​cement and brick, you must block the entire area with a masonry primer. This is important, because these materials are generally porous. They need to produce high quality finish is persistent blocked minute air gap. Thus, the entire area must be painted twice. The first coating is applied by masonry primer coating and the second coating which may be used in the masonry or non-gloss gloss finish.



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