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Using Very Unconventional Tools Painting House

How many times have you in an art gallery , exhibition , or someone’s home to see the paintings, you have to stand there to enjoy painting and thinking , "I can do that " - especially if it is an abstract painting ? Well, I must say that thinking has been running well in my mind , but I found it was not as simple as you think . If you want to sell your paintings , your work must be professional , creative thought through .

I am an artist. I have a lot of solo , and I do committee work , which makes me very busy. I personally taught 35 years ago , I spent until 10 years ago by having my first solo exhibition , which is quite difficult to expose themselves as an artist . My teacher was a very famous artist and she taught me the medium is oil , mainly because acrylic paint is unavailable time . I prefer to use acrylics, because I do not like the taste of fumes from turpentine , you use it to clean your brushes and tools. Both media also has its own positives and negatives . Do you use any medium is a very personal choice.

Paint is a smooth rich paint , pigmentation provide good hiding power , and most importantly, have a good performance and a high level of light resistance . However , it takes a long time to dry. Acrylic paint drying and rapid speed of light , having a good tinting strength and hiding power , a smooth and creamy consistency and with high quality glossy pigments . Passed before my art teacher , I had my first exhibition , so from then on I was self-taught , I chose to go down the road of abstract painting , rather than the traditional landscapes and portraits . My paintings are very bright and colorful, big and bold . It has been an interesting journey , I , and I never looked back , because I love what I’m doing .

To create an abstract painting is very exciting , because I never went in the traditional me how to draw, so I let my creative juices flowing , jumped on the carton , trying to be different. In this article , I will briefly describe how to create a perfect palette for your painting. I can give you what tools you can use to make your stand out textures and colors on the canvas , but in many ways moving away from the traditional method of brushing some ideas . Many times , when I started painting, I have completed after its appearance , there is no spiritual vision. Any artists will tell you , look at the shape and color of the combined image is an exhilarating experience . I want to emphasize that experience to create behavior is as important to me as a finished painting.

When choosing tools to use in painting , you only have to limit your imagination. I pestered hardware store unusual things , I can use it to mark , cutting , scraping , scratching sponge or a portion of a painting . Palette knife , sponge, bird feathers , beach sand , toothbrush, bamboo , paper towels, razors, masking fluid , salt, straw , combs , straws, rubber roller (brayers), wrap paper , crumpled alfoil of linen , nylon string bag, gauze , linen, yarn , forks, old credit card or laminated cards, used to disperse the canvas , squeeze sauce bottle on canvas casual extrusion coating paint spray bottle - these are just some of the items I use create texture effect on my work .



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