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How To Paint a Garage Floor With Roller And Brushes

Your garage floor is experiencing normal wear and tear of aging or because it has become some sort of accidental damage due to re- paint can enhance the appearance and value of your garage , is not a very expensive project to undertake . The new coat of paint can make your epoxy garage floor without stains and deterioration on , while giving it the appearance of a new hall . However, you also need to consider before you take your project a step .

Due to re- paint your garage floor paint project will require the use of harmful gases and other cleaning agents , it is very important to make sure your work space is well ventilated and away from any debris. Also, be sure to wear protective clothing, such as goggles and gloves to keep your eyes and hands to protect hazardous chemicals. Before painting can begin , you need to sweep your floor and clean out any dirt or signs of aging . The best way is to use a stain remover 3-1 Water - bleach or a mixture of commercially available detergent or concrete driveway .

Spray your washing liquid to the stain , let it sit for a few minutes , then scrub with a stiff brush the dirt . After you wash , rinse the area with clean water , starting at the back of the garage , move forward. For stubborn stains, you may need to use the pressure washer . Once the floor clean and dry , with concrete patching compound or concrete patch repair any cracks. Ensure the application of the former compound , in order to ensure complete repair cracks clean and dry is very important.

Etching the surface of the concrete may be required , so that it can more effectively absorb the coating . To check your floor needs to be etched , sprinkle a little water in the concrete . If Ita



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